Mohammed Fazalullah

Mohammed Fazalullah

Mohammed Fazalullah is a Developer Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS Malaysia who helps developers to architect and build products on the cloud. An Architect and technical evangelist at heart, he speaks on various trends in the technology space with the focus of building and scaling in the cloud in and around Malaysia. He has designed and built products for over 16 years in the enterprise and SME space, along with building engineering teams and helping them scale.

Rapid Serverless APIs with Flask and AWS Amplify

When getting started with serverless functions, one is constantly confronted with multiple deployment options to the cloud for Python applications. This talk will demonstrate an opinionated approach to designing REST APIs, deploying serverless Flask applications using AWS Amplify and AWS Lambda, and connecting them to a NoSQL database to support basic CRUD operations. Additionally, we will demonstrate how a Python developer can debug a serverless application using the CLI.


The audience is expected to be familiar with the concepts of REST APIs, and have the following setup prior to the session to follow-along:

  1. Create AWS account - sign-up for free tier
  2. Install Node.js and NPM (for Amplify CLI)
  3. Install Amplify CLI