Yevonnael Andrew

Yevonnael Andrew

Yevonnael is from Indonesia. He is currently finishing his Master’s in ML & AI at Liverpool JMU, UK. Currently, he is serving his internship at UNDP in Indonesia as Data Analyst. He is also a Digital and Data bureau at one of the Indonesian political parties. He has multiple teaching experiences, to name a few, DTS Kominfo (Ministry of ICT Indonesia), Bootcamp by DQLab, teaching on local universities, etc. He has delivered a talk at Pycon Indonesia last year on a similar topic. His hobbies are all about science and technology. His mission is to make data science more accessible to everyone.

Stock Portfolio Optimization for Beginner Investors using Python

Investors of all levels have common problems with investing: What to invest? How much to invest? and How much risk to take? Many investors, at their early stage, did not use the required analytical techniques, due to the lack fundamental knowledge. In this tutorial, the speaker will cover the minimum theory the audience need as well as the Python skills needed to do a portfolio analysis. After this session, the audience can immediately start your own portfolio analysis for a more optimal return.

The tutorial won’t go into much of the math formulas, as Python will do that. Rahter, the audience will be shown some concepts, with the help of examples. The optimization method, Markowitz model, will be showcased. This model is essential for looking for a combination of stocks that has the highest ratio of returns and the lowest volatility.

The speaker will conduct an investment simulation in a portfolio. The results of this simulation will be compared to an unoptimized portfolio. From the simulation, it shows that with just a simple optimization using Python, it can produce a more optimal portfolio.