PyCon MY Live Stream Guide

Welcome to PyCon MY 2021 online.

This page will guide you on how to register yourself accesing all the protected conference live video links.

1. Login to

2. Enter the username/password and click “Login".

3. After the login, you will see the page below (if you have purchased our conference ticket). Click “Check In” to check-in.

This picture was taken during PyCon APAC 2020. We have the same interface since then.

4. Once you have redirected to the main landing page, click "Schedule"

5. Click on the title of the session that has a red "Live Stream" badge.

Register a PyCon MY Account

1. Click Register

2. Enter your name, email, password and click "Register" button

3. Once your account is registered successfully, you will receive an email for account validation.

4. Click on the validation link. Now your account is validated

Why I Cannot Access the Live Stream

1. You have not purchased a ticket.

2. You do not have a PyCon MY account.

3. You have not validated your account.

4. You have not login.