Keynote Speaker

Introducing Our Keynote Speaker

Dr Lau Cher Han, the founder of, is a chief data scientist and keynote speaker in data science and A.I. for major companies, organisations, and government agencies across Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan and other ASEAN countries.

He has trained and advised many organisations, including Intel, Standard Chartered, IBM, and Telekom Malaysia. He has also been invited as the keynote speaker in data science events, such as Microsoft Azure Global Bootcamp, Facebook Developer Circles, and European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR).

As the CEO of LEAD, Dr Lau’s current focus is on helping clients grow their data science teams, gain insights by combining structured and unstructured data, and implement data analytics and big data strategies, preparing clients for the future big data economy. He has also launched to use artificial intelligence to combat the Coronavirus on a large scale.

The Role of Python in IR4.0 and Industrial Automation

Capabilities of Python automation have improved significantly past few years. But only until recently it has started to attract attention from the industry, in particular areas like IIOT.

In this talk we will discuss challenges and opportunities in using Python for automation in various industries. Including the relevant technologies behind. These technologies could potentially address problems like predictive maintenance, to problem of bigger scale such as food wastage and water shortage.